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Odessa, Ukraine (Novorossiya). New facts about how local russians were burned

Before reading this post answer a question:


Which band is forgotten to take off this "pro-russian activist of united Ukraine"?

(inf. at left - the band of ukrainian flag; at right - the George band (glory anti-fascist world war 2 winners)

As it supposed to be, there is "advanced" anti-russian propaganda posts like this - Что в действительности произошло в Одессе вчера..., which has comment switched off in best traditions of Maidan:

"...I saw few hundreds of comments. Have no time to read and answer it all. People died, Odessa suffers. Comments are closed..."

Let's analyze this post. It's a propaganda of the level much higher than regular repeating maidan mantras. Firstlu author smooths attention by pre-histories, but he is sharp in paying with context and background keywords. He is calling Bandera neo-nazis (force wing of new Kiev power) "football fans", and antimaidan Odessa citizens are entitled as "pro-russian attackers".

I was listing a post waiting for expected lie that odessites has burned themselves, thanks God there is already a lot of refutations with detailes frame-by-frame video analysis, where it's clearly seen that Molotov cocktails flew ONLY FROM OUTSIDE. By the way it's not a new Maidan trick. I remember the same in Kharkov, at Rymarskaya 18 (far right neonazis HQ), when "Right Sector" warriors deadly shot 2 citizens, threw Molotov cocktails from the building, and then started to lie in Maidan loyal medias, reversing the facts - that cocktails were lanced at them.

By the way, giving a common Ukraine informational overview - I understood a simple and genius Idea of the Maidan. Maidan is built on the Lie, completely from start to the end. Lie loud, lie crazy, lie first, and immediately condemn your opponent: 1) in the things you did, 2) in lying. Be loud and repeat. Keep your mass emotional, for them not to start thinking and see the real guilties in people troubles. The mass of Maidan - are alike eternal consumers of Herbalife and Habbard clients.

But, returning to #hasburnedthemselves topic, we notice author being smarter and avoided that bullfake, limiting his appeal to context message:

"...there are Molotov cocktails from both sides..."

("being objective" immitation, short reverance)

Next is smooth classic texts about bad protesters and good maidan activists. The fake about "russian citizens" is also excluded by author - unlike Avakov (Kiev police minister) and Pashinsky (president administration head), he is working to export.

Not even this is interesting. The author's post creates one key question - WHO ARE those so-called "pro-russian warriors" wearing RED ARMBANDS?

I didn't see those band wearing by Odessa protesters before. Can someone explain?

Fast search that explanation from locals (repost below). But before reposting, I want to point the fact, said by author above - AT THE MOMENT OF THE MAIN BATTLE THE POLICE STAYS AT THE OTHER SIDE OF BUILDING. WHY?

2th may Odessa events analyzing

It's a tragedy and we must try to calm and find out what happened. This event can become turning point as unknown sniper assaut at Kiev maidan. Unfortunately, nobody caught Kiev snipers and did not provide any proofs. But Maidan adepts decided for themselves - "there were russian snipers in Kiev shooting by Yanukovich order", and "there were russian activist who self-burned in Odessa" //see detailed disproof// Let's reconstruct events basing at open information, evidence, photos and videos which give just facts.

At Grecheskaya st. marching column of footbal "ultras" was attacked by unknown people in masks with George bands, having bats, and WITH RED ARMBANDS. Exactly those bands were having FEW OF POLICEMEN. Most interesting is that the police cordon were broken only at places where those red armbanded guys and cops were. On the photo of guy with the gun behind him stays someone looking very alike secondary city police head Dmitry Fuchedji:

Do those hitmen with red armbands receive instructions?

They are armed and walk freely through the police:

The videos you can find yourself by link (Dang Kremlin and Putin delay with paying my millions so I had to work also)

Video 1. Angry fans start chasing odessites, beating those who can be reached. Together with then - camouflaged people, with helment and body armor, and "Right Sector" neo-nazis with Molotov cocktails.

Video 2. Police straights in chain under command of those guys in camouflage. One of extremists in mask starts to shoot at ultras from behind of the back of police (см 5.40)

Video 3. The same from other point of view.

Photos of shooters:

Video 4. After resistance police falls back and lets to go ultras and "right sector" fighters, who run to attack Kulikovo Pole. They start to throw Molotov cocktails at people (real demonstrants, with no red bands) who hide in building.

Video 5. Ultras are reinforced by armed people in body armor and yellow-blue armbands (6.30) - those who shoot people at windows. Police does nothing.

As result the building burns taking out lifes of 38 peoples. They all are local citizens of Odessa. Unarmed. THE RESULT (Warning, 18+) - http://vk.com/id1947536?w=wall-3223620_133006


Armed people who shot at ultras worked together with group of policemen. Shooting at other side - at unarmed protesters in builing - also was not stopped by anyone. Police second chief Dmitry Fuchedji rised up on his duty having new higer post. Media blames Russia in everything (with no proofs). I think there is finaly no doubt who was in need of this.

I don't like to provide sources like that, but that's a case when you cannot take out the words from a song. Let's count is as "unchecked information":

This version find some side-proofs. "Ukrainian special task forces "Vostok" and "Storm" coated as civilians participated in killing and beating of Odessa civilians. Those squads are known to be enforced by prepared activists of neo-nazis organisations. That explains police silence, which has received and order to fall bak during the battle", — one of high officers said.

End of repost. For demagogy likers I repeat: "high officer" it's not the main point. Informational is last paragraph of direct text from place:

Armed people who shot at ultras worked together with group of policemen. Shooting at other side - at unarmed protesters in builing - also was not stopped by anyone. Police second chief Dmitry Fuchedji rised up on his duty having new higer post. Media blames Russia in everything (with no proofs). I think there is finaly no doubt who was in need of this.

P.S. A day before attack western foreign journalists left hot points of South-East Ukraine. Coincidence?

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